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You decided, we announce: the winner of the Poetry Without Borders video competition is……ALL THE THREE PARTICIPANTS!!!

Yes, we have a tie. And that is not a surprise because all the videos we got are equally great, with their own peculiar cultural features.

Now, in order to be able to award all the winner, we had to reorganise the prize attribution: Instead of the initial agreed‎ £2‎‎5 , we rose the amount to‎ £30, and it will be split between the 3 winners. In other words, each one of them will get a‎ £10 voucher to spend on their favourite poetry book.

But there is one last condition before we give them the prize: they have to send us a picture holding their new literary acquisitions!

Now is time to move one to a new challenge…that we will announce soon!

So, keep following us, and feel free to share you thoughts, ideas, videos and any other stuff you believe that will enrich our community and promote Poetry and Culture!

Before we go, we would like to leave you a very deep poem about “Victory”. The author is Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007),  an Indian spiritual teacher, artist, poet and student of peace. A prolific poet throughout his life, Sri Chinmoy’s poetry expresses the full range of a seeker’s experience.





Victory usually means
Temporary peace.
But peace is
Eternity’s victory.


Victory comes and victory goes.
Defeat weeps and defeat lingers.
Experience soars and experience lasts.
God smiles and God dances.


The body’s victory
Is often
The soul’s tremendous loss.
The soul’s victory
Is always
The body’s amazing progress.


I felt the victory
Of the world-saviour: Peace.
I smiled and danced.

I see the victory
Of the world-devourer: War.
I sigh and die.


your victory’s crown
was possession.
your victory’s crown
is renunciation.
your victory’s crown
shall be liberation.


In the inner world
Each victory is a help.
Each defeat is a help, too.
But each surrender to God’s Will
Is a victory unparalleled,
A victory invincible.


God’s Smile is the victory
Of today’s man.
Man’s smile is the Victory
Of Eternity’s God.


The victory of human love is confusing.
The victory of divine love is illumining.
The victory of supreme love is fulfilling.


Victory and defeat are interwoven.
Do not try to separate them,
But try to go beyond them
If your heart longs for abiding peace.





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