The etymology of word ‘poetry’ (verb) comes from the Greek and it means ‘I create’.

The first written poetry, in the ancient world, had a religious subtext, used for prayers.

Initially, poetry was developed through storytelling; it helped to create an essential factor: correct rhythm, complex and reflective emotions as well as emphasizing the main meaning of the speech.

Poetry ,as a part of literature, has had many forms: hymn, formal – spoken form, tragedy, rhymes, elegies, lyric poetry or a new form – rap/slam poetry.

Rap, as a form of poetry started in late 20th century, this spread across most music genres and it is being continued.

A close relation to music – poetry could be sung and it’s called liturgical poetry – (psalms, hymns), mostly for inspirational purposes.


Slam poetry:

Liturgical poetry –

Lyric poetry –


Why people need poetry (TED talks):


And some music –




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